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Journal of Everyday Earth

Scanner Art

Artists who use the digital scanner and image editing software as their primary process for making art caught on in the 1990s and are increasing every day. Many have developed personal ways to use the scanner. Several such artists and their techniques are featured on, a rich resource site for this new field. Below find clickable thumbs of two artists who excel in this form. See superb scanner artists Marsha Tudor and Marty Klein in the Artist/Naturalist pages.


A Flush of Tim Fleming
See more here

Grape Leaves
Shrouded Rose
Face Facts

Fading Rose 1

Floral Improv



A Garden of Patri Feher
See more here

Autumn Explosion
Fizz Orange
Russet Fire
Berry Go Round
Pastel Hydrangeas
White Gourds
Little Green Pears

Note: copyrights on all the above images belong to the respective artists, and may not be used without permission.







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