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Outer Ecology Reflected
in Inner Ecology's Mirror

Recent thought in ecopsychology has coined the terms “inner ecology” and “outer ecology,” which invests microcosm/macrocosm with relational awareness. The table below shows the six basic principles of ecosystem ecology on the left, and equivalent principles of interior ecology on the right.

Outer Ecology Macro-Principles Inner Ecology Micro-Principles

Life is powered by flows of energy from the sun,
a) visible light (photons), and
b) heat (infra-red)


Energy flows from Earth and Mind and Other. Art-making is powered a) by a flow of images from the conscious and the unconscious mind
b) by a flow of images from Earth,and
c) by flows of energy between self and Other.
Making art is partly learning to tap these flows.
Life’s Materials Continuously Cycle and Recycle:
Life Lives in Circles
The continual cycling of memories, including the archetypal memories of the collective unconscious, is the mind’s creative wellspring
We all Belong to the Biosphere: All lives are interwoven and mutually dependent. Making art rounds the circle of self, integrates our parts and gives each the power of speech or symbol and unites the self with the Biosphere.
Creative process makes the circle of self congruent with the Earth’ s large circle.
All lives continuously transform: Being is becoming. Making art transforms us into Other, through empathy and play, in processes of inspiration, catharsis, identification and ritual.
All lives seek Balance: Lives regulate themselves toward  homeostasis.

Making art balances, integrates and heals; Image flow from Earth and the unconscious into the aware mind is a balancing/healing process which gives us the images we need.

All lives Interlive: Lives find ways to live with, on, and within each other. Symbiotic cooperation is a basic pattern of life. Art-making is inevitably communal, a collaboration among artist, past artists, others, shared culture, and the shared unconscious.